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Who manages the funds?

These funds are managed by a team of MultiplyBits investment experts.

Who can participate in MultiplyBits? Do you accept investors from different countries?

Any person or company can participate in “MultiplyBits”. We have no restrictions on any country. The only condition is accepting our terms of service

What payment methods can I use to fund my account?

You can use only Bitcoin to fund your account. If you don’t have wallet in Bitcoin, create one at or

What do I need to start investing with MultiplyBits ?

First of all, you need to register a new account and login to your account, select Deposit and click make deposit. Deposit at least $25 of Bitcoin.

What is the minimum/maximum amount allowed to deposit?

The minimum amount you are allowed to deposit is $25 and there is no maximum limit for deposit.

What is the minimum amount allowed to withdraw?

The minimum amount you are allowed to withdraw is $10. This is because the transaction fee in bitcoin is really very high.

Can I make numerous deposits simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible for you to have an unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be processed separately.

How can I withdraw my profit to my BTC wallet?

Login to your account and select withdraws and click withdraw.

How can I edit my BITCOIN wallet ID?

Login to your account and select Member and then click edit profile. Under Bitcoin Account., you can add your Bitcoin wallet ID.

How can I change my Password?

Login to your account and select Member and then click edit profile. There you can change your password.

How to send a Support ticket to Admin?

Click "Contact" at top of the website and fill the form or you can directly send an email to

What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click "Remember your login informaion" in the login page and enter your username or email id.

Can I lose money?

There is always a risk involved in any type of investment or trading. To protect our investor's fund we have taken an insurance so that our investor's funds are always safe.

May I open several accounts in your program?

No. If we find that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

Your account will be updated as soon as the three confirmations from the BITCOIN network is received.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we have affiliate program rewarding 5% of the deposits made by your first line referral.

Where can I get my referral link and your banners?

Login to your account, select Affiliates and click Referral Link. There you can find your referral link and Banners.

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